Deluxe Vinyl 2xLP (Green Tree Marble) + Patch

  • Deluxe Vinyl 2xLP (Green Tree Marble) + Patch

Deluxe Vinyl 2xLP (Green Tree Marble) + Patch

This item is SOLD OUT.

- Traces deluxe 2xLP, 180g green tree marble vinyl (1000 LP edition, exclusive to; gatefold jacket, printed sleeves
- Fire color (edition 1, 700 LPs): SOLD OUT (fire is a three color mix of black, red, and yellow)
- 15 track album download accessible on digital release date (Oct. 5)
- Blue Ocean Marble (edition 2, 1000 LPs): SOLD OUT
- Traces 3”x3” embroidered patch
- All instant grat tracks leading up to release
- Expected order arrival date: Oct 5

“I know it’s been a long time comin’…”

Those are the fitting first words Steve Perry sings with tremendous soul and conviction on “No Erasin’” -- the life-affirming anthem that opens up Traces, his first solo album in nearly a quarter century. It is a rousing start to the most personal and emotionally powerful work yet from this legendary singer-songwriter who earned global fame as the voice of Journey before going on to significant solo success as well.

By any standard, Traces is an inspired and expansive work that has indeed been a long time coming. Yet in a very real way, Traces marks an extraordinary and welcome return to form that Steve Perry himself long assumed he would never make. Big and bold, yet intimate and revealing, Traces is not the sound of a veteran rock star dipping his toe back in the pool, but rather an artist who has reconnected with his music in a new way that surprised even Perry himself.

October 5th, 2018

Side A
1. No Erasin’
2. We’re Still Here
3. Most Of All
4. No More Cryin’
5. In The Rain

Side B
1.Sun Shines Gray
2. You Belong To Me
3. Easy To Love
4. I Need You
5. We Fly

Side C
1. October in New York

Side D
1. Angel Eyes
2. Call On Me
3. Could We Be Somethin’ Again
4. Blue Jays Fly

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